April 2, 2008

Why is Blog Content Critical?

The one thing that is critical to the success of a blog is Content. Content refers to the materials presented in the blog, therefore, your subject matter of what you're writing is critical to the traffic potential for your blog. Your writing quality, uniqueness from your perspective, and how often you add content to your blog will make a difference.

Blogs that are more specific to one subject, or related subjects, will generally draw more interest than blogs that have a very scattered approach. But, if you blog within a particular niche, make sure the subject is not too limited as you may not get the high-volume traffic you were hoping for.

Here are some guidelines you can follow when selecting a topic for your blog that will have the potential for good traffic:

Because you will be revisiting and updating your blog frequently, it makes sense to choose a topic that you are interested in or have a lot of knowledge in. If you don't have the interest or the knowledge, you may find it difficult to maintain your blog over time.

There are two different factors to consider when choosing a topic that has great traffic potential. The topic needs to be of interest to others, but you must also consider how many other sources of information are already available. If there are a lot of competitive resources for your topic, you may find it difficult to get traffic to your site. So, ideally you should find a hot topic that has little competition - which is easier said than done. You can find online tools to get an idea of the competition and interest levels. One such tool is nichebot.

If you do decide on a topic in a competitive field, you must give people a reason to come to your blog instead of going to others. It will be a challenge, so remember to offer something that will separate you from the rest.

Next time I'll go over quality and updating content.


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