April 11, 2008

Why Are Keywords Important When Blogging?

Keywords, or keyword phrases, are the words that people search for when looking for information that is of interest to them. Search engines operate on keywords. By putting those keywords within your blog, your blog has a higher probability of being discovered. The traffic to your blog will dramatically increase by using the keyword or keyword phrases that people type into the search engines.

So, how does one find which keywords are searched for in your niche? There are a variety of free online tools, such as nichebot, that can help you to determine which keywords are best. You can do a search for "keyword finder" which will provide you with some options to choose from. There are also paid online tools, such as WordTracker, that can also assist you in finding the right keywords to use.

So, how should you use these keywords once you have them? You need to determine how many times your keywords should appear within your blog to trigger a positive resopnse from the search engines. So how many times should a keyword appear? This is up for debate. Some experts say that a keyword should be used enough to comprise 3-5% of the total text of your post. Others say that a higher density will do better. And yet there are others that maintain that keyword density is not as important a producing content that contains the keyword and related relevant term.

There are ways to make sure the content of your blog does its job when it comes to keywords. You can write your blog post around popular keywords related to your topic - or - you can focus on turning out good, relevant content and assume the volume of your output and its overall quality will produce the desired keyword result.

Most bloggers will take a strategy that is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. A blogger can be successful by producing content with an understanding of keywords while not compromising its integrity in an effort to stuff all of their posts with popular search terms.

Primary keyword(s) should be in the title of your blog's post. You should also use words, phrases, and keywords of secondary importance, within the content of your posts. But you should also beware of overusing keywords. Search engines reward those sites that use keywords within valuable content, not those that have an endless stream of keywords that are nothing more than an effort to try and fool the robots.

Come back in a few days and I'll discuss what types of content gets noticed and how to get readers to invest time in reading your blog.


Bob Caine said...

Great information Rhonda. Very informative. I can't wait until your next post.

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